Coffee Shop Stamford CT


We are proud of our trainees at Coffee for Good; as each brings their special talents to the variety of jobs at Coffee for Good.  Coffee for Good operates a coffee shop as a paid training platform.  Trainees learn all aspects of operating a high end coffee shop, which ranges from creating espresso drinks on our La Marzocco machine, to taking orders on our Point of Sale system.  If you are interested in learning more or being a future employer of our graduates please contact our Inclusive Employer Team at or stop in to visit us at the coffee shop.

Celine in the barista bar room.


About Celine

Celine has learned all of the main jobs at Coffee for Good, POS, Back Bar and Barista very quickly.  Prior to working at Coffee for Good she worked for her families restaurant.  Celine is such a quick learner that she has started to help train newer trainees.

Harry our trainee


About Harry

Harry is so excited to train at Coffee for good.  He has mastered the Point of Sale and is an energetic worker and has great initiative.  Harry also works at Wolfgang&Co, both in their Fairfield store and at the dog treat bakery.   



About May

May excels at every job at Coffee for Good; in addition she is a great team member and helps to train our newer employees.  She takes initiative, is dedicated and precise.  May is also a wonderful artist.

Our new trainee Aiden!


About Aiden

Spencer is very polite and is great at the POS and Back Bar.  He is considerate and a wonderful team player.

Coffee for Good trainee in one of the customer seating areas.


About Ariana

Ariana is a great worker and team player.  She has mastered our Point of Sale and is happy to complete any task.  Ariana attends Westchester Community College where she takes business classes.  She hopes to work in an office someday.

Harry standing in front of the customer refrigerator.


About Harry

Harry loves to earn money and is a great team member.  He particularly enjoys checking out customers and working the Point of Sale machine.  Harry is an avid tennis player and has worked with his dad teaching kids the sport.



About Alec

Alec is great at making coffees, teas, cold brews as well as our Point of Sale system.  He worked for Amazon prior to Coffee for Good and is also an expert in all Apple products.  

Our trainee Emily, who is completing her baking degree while working at Coffee for Good!


About Emily

Emily is completing her Baking I degree with the Auguste Escoffier School while working at Coffee for Good.  Emily is enthusiastic and a quick learner.  Her dream is to own a bakery some day.

Coffee for Good trainee Jack in front of the condiment counter.


About Shanalee

Jack is a quick learner and preferred to start with our hardest position, Back Bar.   Jack also works at The Prospector Theater where he works a myriad of jobs from concession, tickets sales to the clean team.  Jack is also a glass artist and makes wonderful glass table tops, platters and containers. 

Emma standing in front of art in the paneled sitting room of Coffee for Good.


About Emma

Emma is a graduate of Greenwich High School and is currently a student at Norwalk Community College.  She is enjoying learning the Point of Sale and Back Bar positions.

Ethan standing in front of the condiment counter.


About Ethan

Ethan is a graduate of New Canaan High School and the New Canaan LAUNCH program.  Ethan loves to work and has had internships and part time jobs at a number of businesses including Upper Crust Bakery and JM Lummis.  He has mastered the POS and is looking forward to becoming a barista.  In his spare time he is on the Special Olympics tennis team.

Abigail working the espresso machine.


About Abigail

Abigail has learned every position at Coffee for Good very quickly.  She excels at the POS, Back Bar and is a great Barista.  She has even started making great latte art.

New trainee Mike working the Point of Sale.


About Mike

Mike is a graduate of Greenwich High School and has taken classes at Norwalk Community College.  He likes to work with kids and has volunteered at Stepping Stones Museum.  Mike is an enthusiastic and hard worker and a great team member.

Coffee for Good trainee Zach working the Point of Sale


About Zach

Zach has quickly mastered the Point of Sale position at the coffee shop; he is very precise. He lives in White Plains and hopes to find a permanent job closer to home.



About David

David is one of our newer trainees but has already learned so many technical skills.  David's super power is politeness.  David is fluent in French and in fact speaks with a wonderful accent. 

Coffee for Good trainee Richard working in the kitchen.


About Susie

Richard is learning how to great customers and take orders.  He loves to work with our cooking volunteers in the kitchen as he dreams of getting a part time job in a commercial kitchen.  You may often find him baking our ginger scones or making soups.



About Anabelle

Anabelle is a hard worker and great team member.  She is mastering the Point of Sale position. 

Tyler standing in front of our customer refrigerator.


About Tyler

Tyler is very independent and motivated to work.  He is a self-starter and has learned many of the skills necessary to operate a high end coffee shop.  He is now working how steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos.



About Alejandra

Alejandra is a new trainee and is learning the Point of Sale position.  She loves to meet people and is a great team member.

Coffee for Good trainee Diego cleaning the condiment counter.


About Diego

Diego is an energetic and eager worker, he is learning the Point of Sale position.  He is a great team member.  Diego loves to read books and is very knowledgeable about wild animals.   He also loves movies. 

Trainee Tim


About Tim

Tim is a great team member.  He is a quick learner and has already excelled at the Point of Sale position.  Tim is very friendly and excited to learn and work!