Coffee for Good


Coffee for Good has a wonderful team of volunteers, a dedicated board of directors and a passionate Executive Director.


Deb Rogan

Deb is our volunteer Executive Director and was inspired to help start Coffee for Good because she has a nephew with disabilities and has seen his struggles and successes; he lives too far away to train at Coffee for Good but she hopes this is just the beginning of training platforms for people with differing abilities.



Suha Buckey

Chris Franco

Janine Kennedy

Jon LaBerge, Chair

Adriana Ospina

Cesar Rabellino, Treasurer

Sofia Viola, Secretary

Coffee for Good is an independent nonprofit whose primary mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by reducing the local unemployment rate. Our board is made up of three representatives from each of our founders: Abilis and Second Congregational Church. CFG has one independent board member, Chris Franco. Read Chris' article in the Greenwich Sentinel.

Abilis, founded in 1951, serves over 700 people with special needs and their families from birth through life span by operating 40+ residential homes and providing therapy, activities and job training. For over 300 years, Second Congregational Church has helped to establish and sustain programs and institutions that serve all members of the community. To find more information about our founders go to and

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