Coffee Shop Stamford CT


Coffee for Good graduates are dedicated and loyal workers.  Graduates work in a variety of roles: security, inventory, kitchen work, receptionist, paralegal and hospitality.   Our Employer Partners are: Aux Delices Cafe, Britt & Co Bagels, The Bruce Museum, The Cafe at Greenwich Library, Chartwells Food Service (Wilton High School), Gregorys Coffee (Greenwich and Darien), The Home Depot, Honey Joes Coffee, Keough's Hardware, Marcia Selden Catering, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Sarachek Law, and YMCA-Greenwich.  Our first employer, Gregorys Coffee, hired a Coffee for Good graduate again when they opened their new coffee shop in Darien.  Coffee for Good has also partnered with Ken' Kew to provide transition job coaching to some of our graduates.
The Coffee for Good Inclusive Employer Team will help interested employers in crafting positions to fill their employment needs.  If you are interested in learning more or being a future employer of our graduates please contact our Inclusive Employer Team at or stop in to visit us at the coffee shop.
Coffee for Good graduate Spencer at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.


About Spencer

Spencer has been working at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk since early 2022; he commutes on Metro North from his apartment.  He works a variety of jobs from concession to the Virtual Reality booth.  Spencer is a hard worker and is one of the kindest people we know.  

Abigail taking orders at Gregorys Coffee, Darien.


About Abigail

Abigail joined the newly opened Darien, CT location of Gregorys Coffee shortly after they opened.  An excellent barista she is a valued member of the team of the busy coffee shop. 

Austin at The Home Depot.


About Austin

Coffee for Good partnered with Ken's Krew to get Austin a job with The Home Depot.  Ken's Crew is a nonprofit that provides transition job coaching for adults with developmental disabilities.  Austin is always smiling and it thrilled to work.

Richard outside Marcia Selden Catering.


About Richard

Richard has impressive kitchen skills and is a valued member of the Marcia Selden Catering team.  Marica Selden has been named a Leading Caterer of America!  

Coffee for Good graduate Shanalee at Aux Delice Cafe at The Bruce Museum.


About Shanalee

Shanalee LOVES to work and is a perfect fit at the Aux Delices Cafe at The Bruce Museum.  One of her colleagues has told us that "she never gets his order wrong".

Zach working on his computer in his office at Sarachek Law Firm.


About Zach

Zach is very detail oriented and is thriving as a paralegal at Sarachek Law.  Sarachek Law serves over 800 domestic and international clients specializing in asset recovery.  

Coffee for Good graduate Alec now works the lift line at Stratton.


About Alec

Alec now lives in Vermont and works for Stratton Mountain Company.  He worked for Amazon prior to working at Coffee for Good and is also an expert in all Apple products.  

Our trainee Emily, who is completing her baking degree while working at Coffee for Good!


About Emily

Emily completed her Baking degree with the Auguste Escoffier School while working at Coffee for Good.  She now works at Britt & Co Bagels, helping both in the front and back of the house.

Spencer standing in front of Keough's Harware store.


About Spencer

Keough's Hardware in Wilton is a short walk from Spencer's home.  He works on delivery days, unloading trucks, stocking the storeroom and the shelves.  Customers have commented about how clean and well stocked the shelves are since he has started working.

Coffee for Good graduate Mary at the YMCA of Greenwich.


About Mary

Mary's superpower is her ability to remember everyone's name, so her job as receptionist at the YMCA-Greenwich is a perfect fit.

Danny, on the right, with a colleague at work.


About Danny

Danny, on the right in the photo, is on the Museum Protection Team at The Bruce Museum.  Danny is the consummate professional and is such an integral part of the staff that they have named him "Museum Ambassador".

Amy serving up a cold brew at Gregorys.


About Amy

Amy was one of our first two graduates, both hired by Greg Zamfoutis, the founder of Gregorys Coffee.  Amy loves working at the coffee shop on Greenwich Avenue.

Ali working in the kitchen at Wilton High School.


About Ali

Ali is working for Chartwells Food Service at Wilton High School five days a week.  She works the register and prepares food.

Dorian standing in front of Honey Joe's Coffee.


About Dorian

At the request of the owner of Honey Joe's we trained Dorian for 6 weeks so he would be prepared to work at a coffee shop.  Dorian nailed it and is now a valued team member.

Rebecca standing in front of the bookstore after her shift.


About Rebecca

Rebecca is working at The Westport Bookstore, which is a wonderful nonprofit bookstore selling gently used books.  

Jen serving bagels at the cafe.


About Jen

Jenn is an amazing worker; she now works at The Cafe at Greenwich Library, which is operated by Abilis.  She is attentive to details and is great at customer service.



About Anabelle

Anabelle is a hard worker and great team member.  She is mastering the Point of Sale position. 

Diego cleaning at The Cafe at Greenwich Library.


About Diego

Diego now works at The Cafe at Greenwich Library several afternoons a week.  He cleans and restocks inventory.

Abby working at the cafe at the Darien YMCA.


About Abby

Abby is one of the friendliest people we know; she now works at the Abilis run cafe at the Darien YMCA.  Next time you are at the cafe say hello to Abby!

Coffee for Good trainee Diego cleaning the condiment counter.


About Diego

Diego is an energetic and eager worker, he is learning the Point of Sale position.  He is a great team member.  Diego loves to read books and is very knowledgeable about wild animals.   He also loves movies. 

Tara working the counter at the cafe.


About Tara

Tara works at the Cafe at Greenwich which is operated in partnership with Abilis.